This project consisted of eleven thousand square feet of cladding, four hundred sheets of material, and a satellite shop. We completed all of this in Tumbler Ridge, more than twelve hundred kilometres from Vancouver. The project lasted for two months with two employees working seven days a week non stop to get the project wrapped up. We where able to set up a shop in town giving us the ability to fabricate everything in Tumbler Ridge which allowed us to help keep the costs down and not cause any delays on the job site. Cladding was not the only thing Eagle did: we fabricated and installed facia, base, cap, and many other assortments of flashings. The roofs that were above living spaces needed Eagle to install two layers of insulation adding up to five inchs of insulation being held and supported with two layers of heavy gauge z-bar that the cladding and flashing were all attached to.

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Metal is 100% recyclable.

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