It all began in the years leading up to 2000 when the founder of Eagle Sheet Metal, Ray Wiebe, was employed at a local roofing company. He decided that it was about time to change the sheet metal industry as a whole by starting up Eagle Sheet Metal. Up until this point there were virtually no architectural sheet metal companies solely focused on architectural sheet metal and not just as an afterthought of a roofing company.

In the year 2000, Eagle Sheet Metal was formed. We began in a small shop in south Vancouver where we remained until 2006, when we moved to our current location on Kent St. Since our inception in March of 2000 we have honed our skills on leaky condos, high end homes, government institutions, and everything in between.

Captivated by our story? We have only progressed over time! At Eagle Sheet Metal we pride ourselves on fast service and ensuring you only the best quality sheet metal we can!


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