What is weatherproofing, and is it any different from wall flashing? What do you need to know about these procedures? Eagle Sheet Metal is here to inform you and help with any concerns! Learn everything you need to know about wall flashing in Vancouver.

What is the Purpose of Wall Flashing or Weatherproofing?

Before sheet products were available for flashing, many people had to resort to using unique and creative methods of reducing water penetration. Some of these methods include angling the shingles on the roof away from the joint, and then placing the chimneys at the ridge. They would build steps on the side of the chimney so that the user could throw water off.

With wall flashing, we are now able to reduce this daunting task into a much more simple and easier process. With modern wall flashing, we can expect decreased water penetration, especially in areas such as chimneys, pipes, roofs, and windows or door openings. Because of this, indoor mold problems were greatly reduced, and homes became much more durable against harsh weathers.

Exposed vs. Concealed Wall Flashing

There are some differences between concealed wall flashing and exposed wall flashing in Vancouver. Exposed wall flashing, for example, uses a sheet of metal for protection. Concealed wall flashing uses a flexible adhesive backed material around the wall penetrations, like the window or door openings.

Materials for Wall Flashing in Vancouver

Many materials can be used for wall flashing. Birch bark was occasionally used for wall flashing. However, metal, plastic, and rubber are the most common materials for wall flashing.

In terms of metal wall flashing, lead, aluminum, copper, zinc, allot, and stainless steel are the most common materials. Flexible flashing is another type of wall flashing and material. Flexible flashing usually employs the help of asphalt, rubber, and acrylic. 

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