What is roof flashing? Roof flashing refers to the process of installing various protective measures on the roof of your home. This protective covering is used on valleys, edges, joints, and roof penetrations.

What does roof flashing help protect against? Roof flashing helps protect against water damage and leaks, usually caused by rain or snow. In a place where the climate can get quite wet, such as the snowy Winters of Vancouver, BC, roof flashing is very important.

Does your home require roof flashing in Vancouver, BC? Read our blog below to find out more crucial information about this helpful and preemptive process.

Different Types of Roof Flashing

  • Copper: This is a common material used in roof flashing. The reason copper is so commonly used in roof flashing is because it is durable, has a lot of strength, is solderable, has an aesthetically valuable appearance, and is resistant to the harsh Vancouver climate.

  • Lead: Lead is yet another popular choice in material for roof flashing in Vancouver, BC. This durable material can literally hold up for centuries. However, copper is used more often than lead. Why? Lead can have adverse side effects on the environment when used in large quantities. While using lead for roof flashing small areas is unlikely to make an impact, it is avoided when doing larger roofs.

  • Zinc Alloy, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, etc: These materials, can also be used for the roof flashing process. Even softer materials like rubber are often used. However, many roof flashing professionals have shown favor to copper and lead over these materials. This material debate is likely to change on a case by case basis. Some climates, for example, might demand the use of zinc instead of lead, while others might not.

What Material Is Right For My Roof in Vancouver?

There are many aspects to take into account when trying to decide on the correct roof flashing material for your home. A trained and skilled roof flashing expert from Eagle Sheet Metal can easily guide you on the right path.

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