A very common, yet very preventable issue that homeowners may experience at one point or another is roof leaks. Roof flashing in Vancouver can help greatly reduce the risks of having a roof leak. Do you know about roof flashing in Vancouver? Roof flashing is a crucial element to any Vancouver home, especially due to our extreme weather conditions in Canada. Roof flashing in Vancouver helps to keep out moisture from the home and redirects all water flow to the exterior of the home.


Roof Flashing in Vancouver: How?

Roof flashing is basically creating a line of defence against water or moisture damage from your roof. A sheet of metal, steel, or aluminum is lined on the roof and placed over joints in the roof to prevent moisture from entering the sensitive roof shaft and causing some unwanted damage.


If wall flashing is installed incorrectly by at home DIY-ers, the results can cause more damage than anything else. Ensure that you have your roof flashed in Vancouver only by a skilled and trained professional.


Roof Flashing In Vancouver: Why?

The purpose of wall flashing in Vancouver is clear: it will help protect your roof from unwanted damage and leaks. Wall flashing must be installed in very specific areas to be truly effective. All areas on a roof that has a joint, chimney, valley, or skylight is an area that will benefit from wall flashing in Vancouver. Different parts of the roof will have different installation guidelines and standards, as well.


Why do you need wall flashing in Vancouver? Your roof is the only part of your home that is constantly and consistently exposed to any and all weather conditions. Your roof will have to deal with extreme moisture from the rain, freezing temperature and ice during the Winter months, and the risk of heat deforming in the summer. Your roof is susceptible to damage during all weather conditions, and it is up to your to ensure that is is capable of withstanding our Canadian weather through the use of roof flashing in Vancouver.


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