Why Clean Roof Drains?


Having a clean roof, especially in the Vancouver region (where rain and flat roofs are common), is important because it helps to protect your home. If water sits on your roof it can lead to leaks and other unwanted problems in the future. This can be avoided by making sure your roof and roof drains are clean, and are installed properly. Well maintained and installed roof drains will help ensure that water runs off the roof and toward the ground where it belongs.  


Roof Drain Cleaning Tips


Before you start to clean your roof drains, take a look at your home to make sure you can safely complete this task. If your roof is on steep or if you live in a multi-leveled building, it may be best to hire a professional. Remember to consider your safety first!


Removing dirt and debris from your roof can be done easily by just pushing it aside with a broom or wrack. Once the roof is cleared you can start removing any debris from the roof drain. Simply scoop out the debris and put it in a garbage bag for disposal. You can also use a garden trowel for the debris extraction.


When you’ve moved as much of the debris as you can, take a garden hose and rinse off any excess dirt and leaves. You can also use the hose and a scrub brush to clean off any caked on dirt.  


Safety Tips


Make sure you are going up to your roof on a clear, unwindy day while your roof is dry. Going up while the roof is wet, like during rain or snow, can make it very slippery and increases the risk of slips and falls.


Make sure your ladder is steady and can support you. You don’t want to get stuck or fall!


Remember, if you’re unsure or nervous about cleaning your roof, call a professional to assist you. Better safe than sorry.


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