Specializing in Roof Drains

Roof drains are essential components to any residence. Roof drains are responsible for removing excess liquid from the top of your flat-roofed house, and disperses it into an underground sewer system. In certain regions such as our home town of  Vancouver, we experience high levels of  precipitation.

Our home roofing solutions, which include installation of roofing supplies, provides optimal benefits for home owners.

The following are essential steps in the roof drain installation process:  

  • Siting your roof drains - This involves setting the main connection between where the water comes and where it goes.

  • Removing excess construction - Bricks for example, must be removed in order to allow water to disperse down your set path correctly.

  • Fitting downspouts - This process is to ensure that water does not run down the walls of your house, objects such as downspouts gutters are used.

  • Gutters - These must be strategically placed into the drains so that the water can be absorbed correctly, allowing for no leakage in your home.

  • Testing your roof drain - This process just allows the technician to confirm that the job was done correctly and effectively.

What Makes us Different?

At Eagle Sheet Metal, our staff keeps an updated inventory of all tools and necessary items to successfully complete all orders. We provide multiple services, all set to contour to the weather in Vancouver. We ensure our clients and potential clients  that we deliver what other companies may be lacking in.

There are many situations in which you just cannot find what you are looking for,  but that is not an issues with Eagle Sheet Metal. Eagle Sheet Metal performs a wide variety of services, varying from roof drain services to roof flashing services in Vancouver.

Why Eagle Sheet Metal LTD?

Eagle Sheet Metal has products and services to fit all of your home roofing needs. With our customized equipment, we can make a variety of products just for you. Not only do we specialize in flash preventing we specialize in providing multiple home roofing solutions. Our roofing specialists provide excellent diligence and care when creating a one of a kind product, whether it is roof drains or flashing solution

As the staff of Eagle Sheet Metal, we pride ourselves on providing honest craftsmanship with an impeccable sense of integrity and pride in what we do. We hold clients up to our high standards and deliver satisfaction to the same expectation!

Any questions or concerns about roof drains in Vancouver? Ask our trained specialists by calling  604-323-2460 today!

Metal is 100% recyclable.

Acting as good stewards to this planet,
we strive to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
We also encourage our customers to bring back scrap metal so we can dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.