The importance of investing in high-quality and reliable roof drains cannot be stressed enough. Using sub-par products can leave you with more problems than you started with. This is especially true for Vancouver homeowners who have flat roofs. Why? Flat roofs will accumulate more water mass, making the role of your roof drains incredibly important to the safety and condition of your home. If you see puddles forming on your flat roof, this article is for you. These puddles, while usually harmless, can result in unwanted roofing issues that will need to be addressed immediately. With high-quality roof drains, these worries will simply cease to exist!

Is Your Roof Sloped Right?

If your roof drains are not installed with a sump, the drain is under threat of an obstruction. This obstruction results in a large body of water forming, which is quite dangerous for any roof. The more water that accumulates, the easier it will be for additional water to collect. This is an issue that will grow in multitudes after it begins. With a high-quality roof drain and well-done installation, this would not be an issue.

Was The Installation Performed Properly?

Making sure that your roof drains are at the optimal elevation is crucial to having a smooth running roof drain system in your home. Incorrect elevation of your roof drains will result in pooling! Sadly, more roof drains are installed incorrectly than you would initially assume, so ensure that you choose a reliable installation company when it comes to any work or installation being done to your roof drains in Vancouver.

Are The Materials Made To Last?

Some poorly constructed roof drains with sub-par materials are not made to last. This is especially true for Vancouver households, where all types of weather conditions are present throughout the year. Plastic pieces of the roof drain system are likely to deteriorate and break; this results in clogged roof drains. Ensure that your distributor is using only high quality materials in their roof drains!

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